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Uhm... H-Hailey... I was wondering... uhm... ... [whisper] I can't do it, Dad!

Just ask her, Alex. Come on, it's not that hard.

Okay okay... !
Uhm. Hailey, I was wondering... ifmaybeyouwantedtogotothedancewithme.

... if you say it like that she's not going to understand you, kiddo.

Urg... I was wondering if you wanted to go to the dance with me.

Theeeere you go.

What if she says no?

Pft, I doubt that.
(OOC: Italics = Nick)

--ust went all the way back to that other city?

Yeah! You gotta give that item you got from Threed to a person in Twoson so they'll give you a Magic Truffle!

And a Magic Truffle does... what?

Restores PP.

And you had to go all the way back to a town you just left to get it?


This game is confusing...

It's supposed ta be! That's what makes it fun!

... what's PP again?

... Psychic Points. [long pause] ... Dad's a lot better at this, Uncle Nicky.

Yeah. I know, kid. I know...

Uncle Horatio! Uncle Horatio! Can I talk to you?

It's Dad's birthday today.... but he's still a little kid 'cause of the virus.

I'm not really sure what to do about this. I feel bad that he's technically missing it because of a stupid glitch in the world.

Any ideas?

.005: [Accidental Audio/Video]

*Video turns on with Alexis in the living room, sitting on the floor playing video games. Lopmon is sitting next to him. Alexis seems distracted, though, hardly concentrating on his game.*

You died again.

I did? ... oh.

What's up kiddo?

Everyone's been singing lately.

Yeah, it's a virus. *snickers* Even your mom and dad sang a little.

I know! *pouting*

... aha. But you haven't.


Why don't you sing something now?

I wouldn't know what to sing...

Oh. Good point...

*They're both quiet for a while, and Alexis starts humming a little.*

Hey! I think you got something!

... I think you're right!

Lyrics!Collapse )


How many times have you poked her now?

*long pause* ... twenty. ... twenty one, twenty two...

She's not going to move.

I know. *giggle* That's what's making it fun!

*another long silence, and then apparently Lopmon joins in, and they both start counting how many times frozen!Matilda has been poked*

.003: [Locked to fellow brain breakers]

U-Um... I hope I'm not bothering anyone b-but...

I-I just got here, and Mommy and Dad seem really worried...

D-did I do something wrong?

.002: [Locked from Hostiles]

Mm... *sound of light fidgeting*

What's wrong, champ? You look sad.

Well... Mommy and Dad are still not feeling well... but its kinda lonely here...

We can go see if they're awake?

No... Doc said we couldn't bother them until they're really, really better. If I stay around them too long I might get sick, too.

Didn't your aunt offer to take you back to where they live?

Mhm. But...

Oh... right. Don't want to be too far, do you?

*silence, but Alexis has nodded*

Well maybe some one else will come visit.



*sound of sniffling and crying in the background*

Um. So my partner showed up today, but he's... really really -really- upset. Like I can barely get him to stop crying, and he's still sitting out in the snow in Meria. I really really need some help here. I'm afraid he's going to get sick!

I did get out of him that his dad's name is... Greg... and his mom's name is... something with an S. And he has a sister named Mattie. I don't know if they're here, but please please help!

Beep Beep! How's My Driving?

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